Any Cart. Any Course. Any Country.

Complete Cart Management

Give your customers a state of the art device to navigate the course, enhance their game & the golf course experience. And while you are at it – get complete control of your fleet of vehicles, reduce your costs, enhance your revenues and cart efficiencies!

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Elite Pro+ GPS

Our flagship product, the Elite Pro+ is currently the most advanced golf cart fleet management system in the market. Elite Pro+ GPS can be deployed on any course, any cart, anywhere in the world. The system gives golf course owners, managers and golf directors full control over their fleet of golf carts, and, at the same time, give the golfer easy-to-use information and features that enhance their golf experience.

StayPrime is the first global cart GPS system without any restrictions.

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Features for Golf Managers

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StayPrime delivers more functionality than any other system and back it up with tools and support to ensure the golf facility maximizes their return on the investment.

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Cart Communication

Alerts for safety warnings, cart path and no-cart zones. If required, kill the forward movement of the vehicle.

Complete Cart Management

Real-time cart tracking from clubhouse and ranger cart

Cart Guidance System

Cart Path Only mode alerts drivers when cart leaves the path.

Revenue Opportunities

A visual and memorable platform for sponsors and corporate partners

Tournament Management

Simplified Tournament Management, Multiple scoring formats, etc.

StayPrime is really an investment !

Cost Savings

  • Reduce maintenance expenses
  • Reduce damage to facility and carts
  • Reduce insurance premiums and liabilities
  • Reduce the cost of personnel

Revenue Increment

  • Higher Cart fees
  • More frequent Cart hires
  • Increase F&B spend (Most of our clients have seen an increase of upto 30% on their F&B revenue)
  • Increase advertising revenue: some of our customers nullify the cost of the system against single year advertising revenue

Improved efficiency

  • Improve Pace of Play
  • Improved scorecard management and data analysis
  • Reduce insurance premiums and liabilities
  • Quick & efficient communication with the golfers

Features for golfers

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  • See distance to the pin, front, middle and back of green in yards or meters.
  • See distance to carts ahead
  • High-definition, animated 3D flyovers for every hole
  • Pro tips for every hole
  • Scorecard integration
  • Manage the pace of play
  • F&B menu and order system
  • Request help from the Ranger/Marshal

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